Playlist VP: The 90’s in ILEGALES favs

Ilegales has been in the mouth of his fans for his song 'Tamo' Happy ' that, for his music and its official video recorded on NASA locations, has left many positive comments about the incredible evolution that they’ve had with the passage of the years.

Undoubtedly, many remember them for some of their nineties hits, such as 'La Morena' or 'Las mujeres', which with their tropical flavor invaded many of the parties of the generation that today remembers nostalgically this time.


The nineties were fundamental for the conformation of many genres, such as reggaetón, champeta, electronic, rap and, of course, alternative and grunge.

The acceptance of these rhythms occurred in the time of vivid colors and woodcutter's shirts. The arrival of the personal computers allowed the public to have a much easier access to the music and the software with which it was made. And this only brought an unimaginable range of new sounds that spread in discos, streets and houses.

The members of Ilegales, being part of this generation, made this great selection of 90’s songs, ideal to enjoy the nostalgia with dance and joy. You can find it now on our Spotify: essential.