4, 5, 6 curious facts about Fuego that you might not know.

Not long ago, Fuego published his most recent single, ‘4, 5, 6’, that it already has more than 96.000 reproductions on Spotify, since its launching in March. But, how much do we know about him? Today, we bring you some curiosities about his life and musical production that, perhaps, we don’t know yet. 

1.    A latino in Wahington D.C

Even though Fuego is originary from República Dominicana because of his parents, he was born in the northamerican capital city, always included in his rythms, as much as his latin heritage. As american influences, Fuego often mentions artists like Drake, 2pac or Snoop Dog.

2.    With Pitbull on a side

Fireboy is signed in Pitbull’s founded record label since 2014. This label is called Mr.305, and gets its name from the aera code of Miami. Fuego has made featurings with Pitbull in songs like “Mami” and “Mi alma se muere”. 

3.    From Eminem to Fuego

On the álbum Fireboy Forever 2, Fuego worked on some tracks with the same productor that made Eminem’s hit ‘Rap God’. Fuego’s track ‘Cien’ has on its credits the name of this production big one: Develop gives this track a balance between this artist’s latin escence and his northamerican feeling, that he also tries not to forget. 

4.    Versatile Flame

We must remember that ‘Una vaina loca’, 2011 success that exploded all dancefloors, is an achievement of Fuego, precisely. Even though he’s also the creator of ‘4, 5, 6’, we can see the overwhelming difference between their genre and styles. This speaks of him as a highly changing artista that always tries to adapt, just like fire does, to any kind of circumstance.  His genres can go from hip-hop to mambo or merengue and, even then, be able to reach the best places on the ranking charts.

5.    Familia musical 

Fuego is not the only member of his family that’s dedicated to music. While his cousin makes part of the bachata group, Óptimo, his father, Miguel Durán, who gave him his name, is a percusionist. His brother, Ricky Lindo, is a composer and singer, and has received all of Fuego’s support to impulse his artist career.

6.    El apodo

Fuego’s been called like that because, since he started in the music industry, he’s been recognized for being highly energic on stage, just as fire behave: unpredictable. ¡This artist never stops moving! And that applies to his production, as much as it does to his potent expression on any stage.