360 degrees, among Providencia

Authorities only serve to order, but they order badly. With this statement, Providencia raises the chorus of their most recent song, in the best 360° style recording. This band has decided to sing to the city of fear, the same that allowed Jaime Garzón’s murder to be covered in the impunity fog.

'Mandan mal' is the first video of a series called Providencia 360 ° live Sessions. It was recorded in Envigado, in an eighties mansion, that serves as the Professional Backline head office; Jhon Darío Saldarriaga, part of this company, was in charge of providing, precisely, all the backline that the band needed, besides offering the location for the recording.

The direction, made by Mateo Builes, exposes who seems to be profiled as one of the most important young colombian directors. The work of this director had already been united to Providencia, since it was also in charge of directing the video of their track 'Poderoso Adiós’. In addition to working with this powerful group, he’s also worked with artists such as Rey Gordinflón, Roca N 'Ron and Kory.

Recording’s mix and mastering were in charge of Andrés Guerrero Ruiz, from Cardioidestudio, who’s also worked with artists such as Miranda, Farina, Ñejo, Dalmata and Alkilados; and production was done by Daniela Carvajal. In the next videos that will follow this session, other surprises are expected, such as invited chorists to the tracks to come.

The 360 ​​° experience hasn’t been explored as much as could be expected, at least, in Colombian production, so these sessions promise to establish, just as the Diamante Eléctrico’s video already did, a new trend in the way of thinking, understanding and viewing music videos.










The art of these sessions was done by Estudio Agite, a group of animators, designers and artists, that’s already been supported by a large number of well-known brands such as Reebok and Noel. The illustration unabashedly shows the tribute that Providencia makes, through its theme, to Jaime Garzón, a man that was undoubtedly silenced for denouncing and unmasking injustice through humor, and denying the city of fear, not making this last one the face of his words.

Providencia is formed by Camilo Restrepo (voice), Juan Antonio Murillo (sax and keys), Julián Cadavid (keys), Juan Pablo Correa (guitar), Yoni Pérez (trumpet), Adán Naranjo (drums) and Diego Layos (bass). You can follow them on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Listen to ‘Mandan Mal’ on Spotify. Watch its video in the 360° experience on YouTube