30 months in prison for Anuel AA

In April 2016, artist Anuel AA was arrested in gun charges, along with two companions, after leaving a bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Officers found three weapons (one apparently stolen), nine porters and about 152 ammunitions in the car, at plain sight.

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His arrest raised a movement called #FreeAnuel which, spread among his followers, has allowed Anuel to keep the force behind bars to not stop the engines of his musical career.

Since then the singer was locked in the Guaynabo federal prison in Atlanta, Georgia, and in June 2017 he was transferred to Puerto Rico for sentencing, which ended up with the singer having to spend 30 months in prison for the charges he already had assumed.


Anuel AA pleaded guilty despite not carrying any weapons with him when he mounted the car in which the evidence was found. The artist stated during his audience: "I'm going to prove to everyone that I'm not that negative person that people believe for my music", and that he was sorry for what happened.

This trap exponent will have to be behind bars approximately one year and, when leaving, he’ll must spend 3 years in supervised freedom and fulfill at least 300 hours of community work.

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The Puerto Rican singer denied that the lyrics of his songs were "certain," stating in a choppy voice that the topics he sings on them were only "part of his work." Now, his biggest fear is that his young son will come to think that he’s abandoned him.

Aida Delgado, presiding judge of the court, after hearing Anuel’s words, recommended that Anuel reflected on the example he gives to young people with his songs. In spite of this, the fans of the artist keep increasing and affirm that Anuel has inspired them.

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