Regalo de Vida (Oyeme Suegra) [Official Video]
Papi Wilo


Wilfredo Salgado Morales, also known as Papi Wilo, was born on April 18th, 1994 in Manatí, Puerto Rico. He has been rapping and composing since he was 13, even though his family did not support him much at first.

At age 18, he decided to use the stage name "La Luz Del Diamante", and became famous on YouTube for his freestyle videos, recorded inside a car, which became viral. Later in his career, he diversified into different musical genres, such as Reggaeton, bachata and R&B.

His first album, "La Luz Del Diamante", was released in 2014, followed by "El Beginning", next year. His most recent album, "Persiguiendo Un Sueño", was released in 2017.

Some of his most popular songs are "Mi Historia", "Regalo De Vida", "Fanatica Fiel" and "La Reina De La Discoteca" ft. Duran The Coach and Kevin Roldan.