Brand Integrations

Organic brand integrations will align your brand with Latido Music’s shows and original content. Integrations include:

  • “Presented by” sponsorship
  • Product placement
  • Spokesperson hosting
  • Custom integration i.e. thematic questions, brand messaging, etc.

Media campaigns and partners

Latido Music provides advertising options across every platform: TV, Apps, Web and Social Media. Advertising options include:

  • Advertising pod
  • Pre-roll
  • Display
  • Facebook/Instagram tag and mention
  •  Partners:
    • VidaPrimo YouTube Network
pjsinsuela-lapelua-remix Latido Music
Latido Music

Custom Branded Content

Latido Music can help you produce branded content that provides a real connection with the Hispanic audience at an efficient cost.

  • Competitive production pricing
  • Premium broadcast quality
  • Access to talent in all tiers
  • Promoted across Latido Music platforms

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